You have a stormwater program. complianceGO is the software to manage it.

MS4 Stormwater Management system

The complianceGO Stormwater Solution

complianceGO software is specifically designed to meet NPDES documentation standards and will help you comply with your MS4 permit. There are many tasks that must be completed and documented with exactness in order to comply with permit requirements. complianceGO was built for this purpose. Here are a few of the benefits you will receive when using complianceGO :

  • Streamlined Document Submittal and Review for MS4s:
    • Platform to manage all documents, permits, maps, etc. submissions required in your MS4.
    • Portal for easy submission, assessment, and review - including comments, amendments, redlines, etc.
    • Communicate deficiencies, concerns, requests, approvals.
    • Post specifications, regulations, and training modules to be referenced and viewed specific to your MS4.
  • Efficiently Complete and Manage all Internal Inspections and Monitoring:
    • Automate the process of notification, documentation, communication, reporting, follow-up and storage of all required in-house inspections, permits, and documentation.
    • Set up a regular schedule for inspections/assessments of MS4 facilities, post-construction controls, structures, public works facilities, parks and recreation, streets, and more.
    • Tailor the inspection form to meet your in-house SWMP objectives.
    • Provide automated notifications to those responsible within the municipality to perform various inspections.
    • Activate follow-up reminders to those responsible and those overseeing the stormwater compliance within the MS4 when inspections or action items are not performed or completed in a timely manner.
  • Effectively Monitor Permittees and Perform/Manage all Regulatory Inspections and Assessments:
    • Electronic access to all documents, permits, and maps at your fingertips before, during or after inspection.
    • Quickly set up and perform recurring site inspections.
    • Assign action items by date to permittees while providing a way for them to document completion electronically on your reports.
    • Capture and retain vital documentation for compliance.
    • Automatic reminders if you are busy and forget to perform an inspection or follow-up with outstanding action items.
    • Attach pictures to your inspections. Sign inspections with electronic signature.
    • Email inspections to the permittee with specific instructions for compliance, or others when needed.
    • Request compliance with action items.
    • Access project history, reports, and trends for proper oversight and management.
  • Provide an Advantage to Permittees Working within the MS4:
    • Expedite MS4 oversight capability by accessing all documents, inspections, action items, etc., at any time from any computer or device.
    • Setup permittees to automatically receive inspections with the capability to conduct consistent and comprehensive assessments while updating and managing their documents and maps all in one place.
    • Convenient reminders if the inspections are not recorded or action items are overdue to the site contact inspector as well as to the municipality inspector.
    • Safe and secure documentation management and retention, assuring permittees that their documents are always accessible and available - including the three year requirement following the NOT.